Show Times

All air times are local. And while we try to keep our station list as current as possible,
some stations may be added and removed without notice.


State Market Call Letters Frequency Day & Time of Airings
FL Tampa WMGG 1470 Sundays 5-7pm
OH Columbus WCLT 1430 Sundays 5-7pm
NM Albuequerque KIVA 1550 Sundays 3-5pm
NM Albuequerque KARS 860 Sundays 7-9am
SC Charleston WQSC 1340 Sundays 5-7pm
NY Syracuse WFBL 1390 Sundays 5-7pm
NY Syracuse WMCR 1390 Sundays 5-7pm
FL Daytona Beach WNDB 1150 Sundays 5-7pm
LA Lafayette KVOL 1330 Sundays 5-6pm
MS Jackson WFMN 97.3 Sundays 4-6pm
CA Palm Springs KPTR 1450 Sundays 7-9pm
PA Hagerstown-Chambersburg WEEO 103.7 Sundays 5-7pm
MS Tupelo WWMR 102.9 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Hattiesburg WFMM 97.3 Sundays 4-6pm
OH Lima WCIT 940 Sundays 5-7pm
CO Grand Junction KNOZ 97.7 Sundays 3-5pm
AL Sylacauga WFEB 1340 Sundays 3-5pm
CA Marysville KMYC 1410 Sundays 2-4pm
GA Vidalia WVOP 970 Sundays 5-7pm
MN Brainerd WWWI 95.9 Sundays 4-6pm
MN Brainerd WWWI 1270 Sundays 4-6pm
MS West Point WKBB 1000.9 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Columbus WZKR 103.3 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Corinth WXRZ 94.3 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Brookhaven WRQO 102.1 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Greenwood WTCD 96.9 Sundays 4-6pm
MS Oxford WTNM 105.5 Sundays 4-6pm
PA Bellafonte WBLF 970 Sundays 6-9pm
TN Cleveland WCLE 1570 Sundays 5-7pm